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"The Lazy Copywriter's Way to Writing Great Copy, Fast !"

Dear fellow marketer,

if you want to write copy FASTER, with MORE personality and emotional impact- if you want your copy to virtually JUMP off the page and SLAP your prospect RIGHT between their eyes, then you need my Copy-In-A-Box copywriting tool. As you read every word of this letter, you'll discover my break through software that'll help you take your writing to the next level. It's a MAGICAL copywriter's cheat sheet.
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BREAMING with power words, winning headlines, American slang with definitions, Guarantee blueprints, and much, much more. My Copy-In-A-Box sits right inside your Word toolbar as a Microsoft add-in program, or runs as a stand-alone PC App. Imagine that as you write sales copy, you just click Copy-In-A-Box, and it magically pops-up with lists of power, selling words/phrases, headlines, slang, intejections, and guarantee blueprints, and allows you to easily insert them right into your copy.
Just picture how this tool would save you hours of time, avoiding the hunt through books and scrapes of paper for the right words. Envision yourself using my copywriter’s tool that will have you writing faster, and struggling less, and easily finding the right words or phrases. Wouldn't that be amazing? Just click Copy-In-A-Box and it pops up instantly, ready for you to add pizzazz and personality to your copy. Imagine your joy in being able to save your own copy, and add your own words and phrases to any of the categories. . Here's what my software tool includes:

  • 1,500 plus Power Words and Phrases From Top Direct Marketers -
    Categorized by topic, and easily Inserted into your copy - truly adding emotional impact to your copy.
  • More than 200 Fill-in-the-blank Proven Winning Headlines.
    Each headline has example usage. Quickly find just the right headline for your copy or idea.
  • 202 Expletives and Interjections.
    Bam! These words will add flavor and personal style to your writing. We all use expletives and exclamations when speaking—and the best writers, I've discovered, write just like they speak. Writing with personality is the way you can crank up the volume. And, hmmmmmm, gall dangit, I’ve gone and, tee-hee, used those phrases (in the italics) in this copy. Doesn’t that just dill your pickle?
  • Dictionary of American Slang words and phrases (with definitions) for copywriters.
    And unless you have a screw loose or you 're straining your tightie-whities or you're catching some z's you simply have to see the value here. (yes, in italics are a few examples of my slang phases for copywriters.)
  • “Guarantee” blueprint paragraphs from preeminent copywriters and successful direct marketing Companies.
    From Dan Kennedy to magna shoe seller Zappos- from Gary Bencivenga to Sears, you'll find just the right sample risk-reversing copy to use as a blueprint for your own guarantees.
  • Built-in My Copy area which becomes your personal copy storage box.
    You can now easily save your prose into Copy-In-A-Box's database and categorize your own copy paragraphs and snippets, and easily use them over and over.
  • Three months free updates.
    That mean you'll get new words, headlines, and guarantees with your 3 month free Copy-In-A-Box updates, plus tips and snipplets to add to your Copy-In-A-Box.
  • Ability to Edit Any and All Words & Phrases.
    This is huge! That means you can easily add, delete, edit your own words, headlines, and guarantees. That makes Copy-In-A-Box an invaluable, indispensible copywriter's tool perfect for you.
  • Easily Import text files of power words, headlines , and/or guarantees.
    This feature allows you to easily convert any list you currently have as well as downloading new import list from Copy-In-A-Box. And there's no need to worry about erasing other lists you've added.

"It's like an electronic swipe file that I can customize any way I choose."

"Len, thanks for this cool project of yours, Copy-in-A-Box.  The two best features are the amount of background copy you came up with to include in the product.  It's a real help to get the ideas flowing.  Second, is the ability to change the information around and add my own choice of texts.  Any copy I find that will help me in the future I can just "Toss it in the box".  It's like an electronic swipe file that I can customize any way I choose.  I'm betting there is going to be a lot of talk about this in the copywriting forums."

Chuck Masteron

I Stumbled upon a Secret of Effortlessly Writing brilliant Copy, FAST!

Power selling words and phrases are important tools in effective copywriting. They add emotional impact and personality. And, by just reading my organized power words list, you will stimulate your inner, creative mind. You will start to feel that whole paragraphs of copy can be triggered. Sometimes all you need is that one word or phrase to get you started and everything just falls out on the page.Probably, like you, I started with my own collection of power selling words. I've collected them from swipe files as well as writing courses I’d bought over the years. I searched the web and re-visited hundreds of web pages that contained copy by the great copywriters. I found more and more power selling words and put together an amazing collection of power, selling words!

But then... the day of reckoning...

A Startling Discovery!

I found that staring at huge list of power selling words did very little to help my copywriting!!

Here's why...

For one thing it took too long. Can you imagine how my eyes would glaze over as I read my word lists – I jumped from one concept to another. And so… I felt deeply disappointed. How was I ever going to use these power, selling words? Did the great writers have different minds that allowed them to pick the right word with some intuitive talent that I lacked? Compared to them I knew I was dumb as a box of rocks!

But then...

while driving to lunch one day...
it hit me like a 7.0 earthquake!

It made sense. The solution was so simple—and that was to
simply organize my power words into categories. And then, but only then, I found I could effortlessly view a few, appropriate, power words for just a single category and avoid the confusion of the big list chaos.

As I thought further, I realized that I could also organize my categories into a second level which I called Topics. And, by golly, it worked! It fact it was so amazingly simple and effective that my jaw dropped! I silently screamed "Finally, I found my solution!"

I still pondered where to put my organized lists. Should I put for my power is a text list? And then it hit me. Why not create a database? Wouldn't that be amazing? I quickly got to work and designed a software system that allowed me to click a topic, choose a category, and then POW!—see a list of power selling words for just that category. The whole project started as a personal project to help me. But then I realize, hey, this was a product that most copywriters could utilize. Couldn't you see yourself using such a tool? And so my Copy-In-A-Box was born.

Introducing Copy-In-A-Box

My Copy-In-A-Box isn’t a web list or an e-book—no—it’s an amazing software database and Add-in for MS Word that will become your indispensable writing tool and save you many hours of time. And since it's a database, you can easily add your own topics, categories and words. You probably have your own lists of power or selling words. And you probably find great power words or phrases from time to time that you would like to use later. And, if you're anything like me, you had scraps of paper or jot-downs on a lot of notepads. But now, with my Copy-In-A-Box, you can organize your thought. Just add your own words to Copy-In-A-Box's database. It’s easy and fast. Then your words will be always at your fingertips. You can add your own topics and categories too. Or delete any of my starting power words or topic/categories. You have complete control and tremendous solution to the difficulty of keeping all your lists together.

Also, importantly, this is a PC app (sorry Mac users), not a web app. I felt that I'd probably be using Copy-In-A-Box with applications like MS Word as well as Dreamweaver or Microsoft Visual Web Developer. With the desktop app, you can simply Alt-Tab to Copy-In-A-Box, pick the word or phrase, then just click the ClipBoard button, Alt-Tab back to your app, and paste your chosen word in your copy. It’s amazingly simple!

But there's more...

I started thinking how nice it would be to have Copy-In-A-Box right inside Microsoft Word. Like me, you may be using MS Word to create copy, save snatches of copy, and then transfer it over to the final editor. So hmmmm... my team and I figured out how to create a Microsoft Word Add-In... and lo and behold, Copy-In-A-Box for Word was born! You get two versions of Copy-In-A-Box- one is the Word Add-In. The other, which looks just the same, is the standalone PC App.

Picture of MS Word tool bar with Copy-In-A-Box with Power Words added to the tool bar

MS Word Toolbar with Copy-In-A-Box

See the tool pointed to by the red arrow? When installed, you can just click the Copy-In-A-Box icon in MS Word, and my programs pops up right inside of Word.

You get both!

Good Gawh-lee Miss Molly! Imagine, every time you fire up MS Word, sitting right there on your MS Word's toolbar is Copy-In-A-Box. Just click the Copy-In-A-Box button, pick you topic, category and BAMMM!—you have a list of powerful selling words for your category. Just click on your chosen power selling word and then click Paste to enter your word into your Word document right at the cursor. Boy is that easy! What a time saver! It's fully integrated.

Len Latimer

Who am I?
Hi, my name is Len Latimer. I have founded and published a national award-winning consumer magazine, three trade newsletters, and a software company. And, for the last 20 years, my software company, Lynx Media, Inc., has been a leader for in-house subscription management software for brick and mortar magazines, newsletters, and membership organizations. All of my companies have hugely depended on direct marketing that I've written.

I’ve learned from the classic writers and marketers like Bob Stone, Claude Hopkins, Dan Kenney, Gary Halbert, and Gary Bencivenga. I’m always in awe of how they can “turn a phase”… how they seemingly, so easily, author a sentence that literally jumps to lifeusing emotional words so real they reach out and grab you by the throat. They are wickedly effective.

"Your 'Copy in a Box' software saves me time, effort, and energy

Len,Just a quick note to let you know how much I LOVE "Copy in a Box." When I was a Freelance Copywriter, I relied on the use of dictionaries, a Thesaurus', and lots of other books that gave me "the right word", phrase, or headline. I also relied heavily on my Swipe Files of successful ads and sales letters. Good resources, but they took me a long time to filter through to find the right word, phrase, or headline. It was sometimes VERY frustrating! Your 'Copy in a Box' software saves me time, effort, and energy when I needed to find the right formula when I'm writing copy. Your program not only has the benefits of a Thesaurus, but more specifically, you've got the "Marketer's Thesaurus" built right into the program. And, when I was struggling to find a good headline, you've got plenty of proven headline formulas (with solid examples) that make it easy to create a winning ad or letter. I love your product and would advise anyone who writes copy for a living or for fun to purchase it. It's definitely a "Copywriters friend."

Craig Valine, "The [Former] Struggling Consultant"

Power Words Ripped from the Best Copywriters

Now, I admit, I ripped off many of my power selling words from the pages of some of the greatest copywriters of all time. But they would totally approve of me reaching out and stealing their power selling words, since they all agree that copying what works is a winning formula. Bill Glazer calls it S&D (swipe and deploy).You see, I’m a fan and student of these great copywriters. So I read and studied their sales letters, their training materials, their newsletters and anything else I can lay my hands on. That includes all my favorites such as Dan Kennedy, Bill Glazer, John Carlton, Melvin Powers, Gary Bencivenga, Bob Stone, Gary Halbert, Marlon Sanders, Michael Fortin, Yannik Silver, Bill Jamie, and Joe Vitale. That's not to mention many, many other copy writing geniuses that I'm grateful to and regret not being able to mention here. I believe I am the most uniquely qualified to create Copy-In-A-Box since I'm both a 1) marketer and salesman who writes a lot of copy and 2) also a programmer who writes lots of code.

Now, of course you'll find a books and e-books that offer you a list of power or selling words. But most are simply unorganized lists that just go on and on and on, and on, and on. And frankly, like me, your eyes would probably glaze over. More importantly, they don't contain the power words from the great copywriters. And even more importantly, they aren't organized into a database at your fingertips that makes them fast or easy.

"Its like having a real live swipe file right at my desk"

Dear Len,
Copy-in-a-box has helped me a lot more than I thought it would. I have trouble keeping all the emotional trigger words and phrases that go into a good article or sales letter in my mind; they just get lost and tumble out.

Before I started using CIAB my articles would get lost up their own ass, or worse I'd end up repeating the same phrase 4 or 5 times and I'd have to junk the whole thing. No more! With CIAB it's like having a real live swipe file right at my desk. It's still hard work writing an article or a sales letter, but its a lot easier - and the results are a lot better - than it used to be. I'm looking forward to getting some numbers on how much exactly CIAB helps me to increase conversions. All the best,

Nathan Briggs, Scotland

A's, B's & C's of Power Selling Words

After my experience of zoning out on the huge list I came to the conclusion that the quantity of selling words is less important that the quality of the words. Let me explain: I discovered there are A words (the most powerful), B words (powerful but less so than A’s), and then there are C words, which are just everyday words. Most of the power and selling word lists you’ll see are chock-full of C words. So you have to wade through an unending list to find the gems.I’ve taken the time to screen out many of the C words so that my power selling words are primarily A’s and B’s. Thus, you don’t have to go hunting through thousands and thousands of minor words to find just the right word. Copy-In-A-Box does include more than 1600 power selling words, but they are organized, as I mentioned into topics and categories so that the similar ones display together. And they're words from the great copywriters. You might have caught on when I used wickedly effective a couple of paragraphs above—that's from the great John Carlton. Or you might have noticed my use of silently screamed!— that's from copywriter great Dan Kennedy. Dumb as a box of rocks came from the genius of Gary Bencivenga. Yep! I steal from the best. Let me give you another example, from the hypnotic writer Joe Vitale on picking the right power selling word. He had to rewrite a line written by another writer. The original sentence was:

When’s the last time your felt Ok?

It’s not bad. But now contrast that with Joe’s improved line:

When’s the last time you felt fantastic?

See the difference? Of course, fantastic is only a "B" or "C+" word, but It’s so much more emotional and hard-hitting than OK. Isn’t that amazing?

Here's what Copy-In-A-Box can do for you:

Saves you hours of time.

    Instead of looking through dozens of books, and sifting though pounds of paper lists, just click Copy-In-A-Box. If it stimulates your thoughts, think of how much time that saves you. If you can quickly find the emotional, impactful word quickly with Copy-In-A-Box, then that also save you time.

Helps you overcome writer’s block.

    For example, imagine that you’re starting to write your guarantee. But you're stumped. Nothing is coming. Then, you pop-up Copy-In-A-Box, select the Guarantee/Risk Reversal Category, and you pick these power word/phases from the displayed list:

    absolutely no risk
    a full and complete refund
    we'll take it all back - no questions asked
    (They’re just a few of the words in the list) Well, but geeeee, doesn’t it sorta write itself?

    An example Paragraph:
    "Our Guarantee: There is absolutely no risk! If you’re not happy, you get a full and complete refund- We'll take it all back -no questions Asked".

Becomes a convenient, valuable storage for your copy.

    It's your copy box – a place where you can store your copywriting thoughts – save your phrases – collect your power words- put away your headlines. It’s your writing savings bank- where you can not only store it all but easily and instantly grab it, all organize it by categories and topics. Copy-In-A-Box is your personal copywriting database!

    Just think of how many lists and splices of copy you have all over the place. How long does it take you to find them. How many times do you not even look because it’s too much trouble? How many times do you see a great power word, but never get it on a list and store it somewhere? With Copy-In-A-Box, it's simple and easy!

Travels with you wherever you go.

    Just install Copy-In-A-Box on your laptop and you’re good to go. No matter where you are – at the office, on a plane, in a hotel, at the library- Copy-In-A-Box is at your fingertips. Now you can write anywhere!

Suggests power, selling words you may never think of.

    These There are just too many examples, but let me give you just one example: When you pop-up Copy-In-A-Box, and look at the words from the category “EXCITE”, you might choose:

    jaw dropping

    These are many more words in this category, but they are extraordinary words - ripped-from-the-pages of the best copywriters -that take you beyond the ordinary writer in terms of emotion and impact. Copy-In-A-Box takes your copy to the next level.

Stimulates your brain to jump-start your copy.

    For example, If you were stuck on writing some copy explaining how your product helped your customer to win out over his competition, you could look in Copy-In-A-Box’s Beating the competition category. Below are a few of the emotional, impacting words in the category. Boy, I know that just reviewing these power words can get my creative juices going so that whole sentence fall out.

kick butt

Who benefits from Copy-In-A-Box? Anyone with the need to create hard hitting, emotional selling copy for:

  • Landing PagesEBay Classified AdsDirect MailCatalogsResumesTV/Radio/Magazine/Newspaper AdsAffiliate Marketing Email MarketingBlogsSpeakers
  • AutoResponders

Here's what the desktop version looks like:

Picture of the desktop version of Copy-In-A-Box for power words
Copy-In-A-Box desk top app

The screen shot is an example Copy-In-A-Box desktop. It instantly creates a list of words in the right hand grid that relate to a Category if chosen. This not only helps you organize your thoughts but also saves you the huge effort of paging through tons of words. After you pick your word, you select the word in the right hand list and then click the Clipboard button.

That puts your word in the Windows clipboard, and you can then paste your word into almost any application by using Edit/Paste or pressing the shortcut Ctrl+V. Also notice that Copy-In-A-Box uses a large, easy to read 12 point font.

MS Word Add-In

Here's what the MS Word Add-In looks like. It is very similar to the desktop app on purpose. Both are easy to use and both work the same way.

Picture of Microsoft Word with the Copy-In-A-Box for Power Words addin for MS Word installedCopy-In-A-Box Pop-up in MS Word

It's easy to install, and even easier to use. Copy-In-A-Box will appear right on your toolbar. Just click the icon on Word's toolbar and it Copy-In-A-Box pops up. Just click the Insert button, and your word goes right into your Word document under your cursor.

This is the Greatest Goldmine of Copywriting Words and Phrases Ever Jammed into an Easy-to-use Software Tool!

Look at these other features I'm including.

Treat #1

Interjections/Expletives/Exclamations. For a limited time, I’m including my secret power list of special (clean) expletives and exclamation words and phrases that'll help you emphasize your personality in your sales copy. These words will add flavor and personal style to your writing. We all use expletives and exclamations when speaking—and the best writers, I've discovered, write just like they speak. Writing with personality is the way you can crank up the volume. And, hmmmmmm, gall dangit, I’ve gone and, tee-hee, used those phrases (in the italics) in this copy. Doesn’t that just dill your pickle? Don’t miss out on this limited time bonus of expletives and exclamations, or shame on you!

Extra #2

My incredible list of American slang for copywriters. And it's built right into Copy-In-A-Box. Again, this extra is available FREE only for a limited time. And unless you have a screw loose or you 're straining your tightie-whities or you're catching some z's you simply have to see the value here. (yes, in italics, are a few examples of my slang phases for copywriters.)

Freebie #3

Free updates for three months. That's right! You'll get free updates to CopyInABox. And, it doesn’t matter if you add your own categories or words. Updates will just add to you database- not overwrite or delete your entries. Now, that’s a feature that took a lot of work but shows our level of dedication to our customers.

Now Here's what you get:

You get Copy-In-A-Box desktop PC application.
Copy-in-A-Box Add-in for MS Word
The treat of Interjections, Expletives, and Exclamations list built right into Copy-In-A-Box.
My incredible extra list of American Slang for Copywriters also built right into Copy-In-A-Box.
Free updates for 3 months.

Now imagine how you'll be able to write sales copy effortlessly with this push-button solution. You’ll save many hours in finding the right power selling words— hours that you can spend with your family, or pursuing your hobby, or even sleeping on the beach. Imagine that! This tool can turn your dreams into reality by turbo charging your sales copy. Be smart and let your computer do the work.

My Simple Guarantee to you:

Order today and give Copy-In-A-Box your own personal test run.
Use it for 30 days and use it as your own.
If it's not for you, if you aren't completely thrilled with the results,
simply let us know and
we'll refund your money in full,
no questions asked. No hassle.
There is absolutely no risk!
You can't... you won't... lose a penny!
And you keep the software as our gift for just trying. There's nothing to return or feel guilty about. I'll take your word for it.

For the next few days ONLY I am offering this cutting edge software, not for the standard price of $134, but for a mere $67. After that the price goes up forever. So you must act today to take advantage of this half-price offer. To get your personal Copy-In-A-Box just click the button below to purchase and instantly download your copy: You have absolutely nothing to lose, and everything to gain.


Yes, Len. Get me my Copy-In-A-Box
for only $134 $67 right now! (Immediate download)

Create Your Own Topics, Categories and Power Words
also allows you to easily add your own topics, categories, and words. Topics organize the categories into dozen of words. For example, selecting the topic Offer will list these categories:

The "OFFER" Topic has these categories

  • HelpLead-insOffer/PriceOpportunity
  • Take a Chance

Each of these categories has dozens of powerful selling words to aid you with your writing. Copy-In-A-Box doesn't attempt to be a thesaurus. Its intent is to suggest and prompt you with concepts. For example when you start to write a guarantee you don't want to just replace a word, you want some words and phases to help you trigger your ideas—help you formulate you offer—help you to crystallize your thinking—help you to break through your writing block. Copy-In-A-Box is just the tool you need to push your copy to the next level.

If you don't like my organization, that's OK. Make up your own. This software package allows you to add/delete topics, categories, and power words. And you can move categories from our topics, to topics of your own. You're in total control with a tool that will explode your writing so that you can live your dream. Easily Move Things Around

And I've added a place to manage your topics, categories, and power words. You can easily move categories into new topics, and move power words into other categories. We also help you detect duplicates. It's a complete, must-have product for any copywriter. It doesn't matter whether you're a pro, or you just write a few ads or classifieds—get this tool and skyrocket your copy!

WAIT... I didn't just stop there.

I said to myself, what the hoot - if I can add power words, why can't I add proven headlines too? And what about Guarantees or a place to save my
own copy? And lo and behold,
Copy-In-A-Box became a full product!

Copy-In-A-Box gives over 200 fill-in-the-blank proven headlines. Here are a couple of examples:

Headline: Who Else Wants a ___________?
Example: Who Else Wants a To DIE FOR Figure?

Headline: WARNING: Do Not Try Another _____ Until You Get This FREE Report And Audiotape
Example:WARNING: Do Not Try Another Weight Loss Diet or Slimming Supplement Until You Get This FREE Report And Audiotape

Headline: The Amazing Secrets of _____ That Had a _____
Example: The Amazing Secrets of Winning Blackjack That Had a Las Vegas Mystery Man Banned from the Casinos.

Headlines right at your fingertips. And each headline has one or more examples headlines in addition to the fill-in-the-blank. Here's what it looks like:

Picture and demostration of using Headlines In A Box withih Copy-In-A-Box Selling Words
Over 200 Proven Headlines in

Just click the Headlines tab to have instant access to the headlines. And, when you click a headline in the list, the software shows you an example in the white boxes below the list.

"I especially liked the electronic swipe file of headlines--it is a very powerful feature."

I like the software. I found it to be very helpful for my copywriting. I especially liked the electronic swipe file of headlines -- it is a very powerful feature.


And like with power selling words in Copy-In-A-Box, you can add, delete and edit your own headlines. It's the perfect place to store and maintain your library of headlines, along with your lists power words. It's a great writing tool! For the next 7 days only, I'm offering you the Copy-In-A-Box, which includes both Copy-In-A-Box Gold which includes Headlines-In-A-Box not for the regular price of $134 but for the amazing low price of $67 ! After that the price will definitely go up.

And look at these Additional Killer Bonuses!

Want to know how the big dogs produce more sales then everybody else?If you are ready to make your offers and promotions skyrocket in response then listen up.There are certain words and phrases that just work better then others..Why is it that some offers do so incredibly well while other, similar offers fail miserably? It's all about the words and how they are used.Some words just work better then others, and it takes years to find out which work best for certain things. The big money earners online know this and have been using these secret words and phrases to rake in more money then everybody else for years.

And Now It's Your Turn!

Wouldn't you like to get a list of these power words to use for yourself?The problem is nobody has made these secrets words easily available, until now.

Picture of a free bonus 'Secret Word File'

Your Free Bonus
The Secret Word File!

'The Secret Word File' is a powerful new report where master marketer Wes Blaylock reveals the exact words and phrases that he and a select few marketers use to make our offers and promotions incredibly powerful and profitable. This report literally gives all of the words that Wes has been using to make big money online!Wes has tested and tested for years to come up with this list and I am finally going to reveal it to you!Inside this new report I am going to tell you not only the exact words and phrases, but how and where Wes uses them in marketing to rake it big bucks.

But The Best Part Is...

  • You Don't Need Your Own Products! - These words work with all marketing, even if you are promoting other people's products! You Don't Need Much Time To Start! - Just plug these words and phrases into your current marketing and watch profits soar, it really takes no time at all.You Don't Need Much Money! - Once you have the report, it's free to use these words for life!
  • You Don't Need to Be An Expert! - Following this report, you will have no problem even if you are a newbie. A 6th grader could do this!

...It Doesn't Matter Who You Are, How New (Or Advanced) Or What You Are Selling!!

If you are promoting some kind of opportunity via Google Adwords, these words will help you make more money!If you are promoting your own products, these words will help you make more money!If you are promoting something offline even, these words will help you make more money!It doesn't matter! If you are marketing anything, you need this report.

You're Going To Learn How To Make More Money In Any Situation Just by Using The Right Set Of Killer Words!

You will learn the secret words that Wes has tested and used for 9 years to keep him in business and out of the rat race.

You'll learn all of those secrets and more inside 'The Secret Word File' report!

Here Are A Few More Things You Will Learn:

  • The Most Powerful Word In Advertising
    My Favorite Two Words To Use In Headlines That'll Increase Sales Easily
    2 Great Tricks To Use When Naming A Product Or Buying A Domain Name That Makes You Stand Out And Be Remembered
    The Set Of Words That Ensure Security In Your Visitors' Minds (This equals more sales for you)
    How To Make Your Product Seem So Easy And Convenient To Use (More sales for you)
    The Right Way And Time To Use Specific Words To Boost Responses
    The Right Words To Use To Make The Price Of Your Product Seem Ridiculously Low (more money for you)
    The Real Buying Button That People Will Spend A Fortune On
  • And More!

That's just the tip of the iceberg! If you are struggling to make money online, or if you are bouncing from one program to the next (like I used to) then you need to stop the madness.You need to get a copy of The Secret Word File and start making some real money today.

- But I'm Not Stopping There -

I wanted to give you some killer strategies that'll help you make even more money...So I am throwing in...

Picture of free bonus 'Subscriber Seduction'

Subscriber Seduction!

This is a huge bonus and worth triple the price of the report itself. Here you will learn My Simple Foolproof Strategies for making email lists incredibly profitable. This combined with the Secret Word File will make your emails completely irresistible!!"

Once You Know These Strategies, You Can Apply Them To All Of Your Marketing. And That's Where The Real Money Comes In!

..AND I'm Throwing In..

Picture of a free bonus 'Convert More Customers'

Convert More Visitors!

Here is another huge bonus that sells more on its own then this whole package is going for. In this report you will learn how to convert your visitors into sales and email subscribers with easy-to-do super tactics!"

Sleep Better At Night Knowing You Have Offers And Promotions That Actually Produce Results!

It is really that simple. There is no need for some guru like knowledge or years of technical experience to make money online. All you need is the Secret Word File package!You really can be successful like the big dogs and have your own Internet business selling for you day in and day out!

Here's What The Very First Reader Of 'The Secret Word File' Emailed In Completely Unsolicited!

" phrase you gave me almost doubled my sales!"

Thank you for letting me review your latest product. Just so you know, one phrase you gave me almost doubled my sales when I added it to my headline.

I am testing the others right now and will report back with my findings!
Thank you again!
- Tom Edwards

You Get all this:

Copy-In-A-Box desktop PC application.
Copy-in-A-Box Add-in for MS Word
The bonus Interjections, Expletives, and Exclamations list built right into Copy-In-A-Box.
My incredible list of American Slang for Copywriters also built right into Copy-In-A-Box.
The Headines-In-A-Box add-on for both the desktop and MS Word.

The "Secret Word File" ReportThe "Subscriber Seduction Secrets" Report The "Convert More Visitors" Report

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