Power Words Part IV


So I talked about what power words are and where are the best places in a sales message to use them. I also talked about why power words work, and even why they don't work. I also gave you some examples.


Now I'd like to talk about where to find power words.


Obviously, the best places to find power words are sales messages crafted by the best copywriters.


Here are the names of some of the best copywriters of all times:


Dan Kennedy, John Carlton, Claude Hopkins, Melvin Powers, Gary Bencivenga, Bob Stone, Gary Halbert, Marlon Sanders, Jeff Gardner, T J Rohleder, Michael Fortin, Jeff Paul, Perry Marshall, Yannik Silver, Terry Dean, Joe Vitale...


You can do a search on Google for each of these names. Then read, read, read, read, read, read, read, read, read, read, read, read, read, read, read, read...


...their copy and learn what power words these masters are using. This way you can create your own swipe file of power word ideas.


But there is an easier way to get that swipe file. It's called Copy-In-A-Box.


All the hard work has already been done. You don't need to spend your time on reading, extracting, and categorizing the most effective power words that the top marketers are using.


These power words has been collected into a software swipe file, called Copy-In-A-Box – the electronic swipe file of copywriting ideas.


And not only does Copy-In-A-Box serve as a database of power words, but it also enables you to insert these words and phrases in your copy quickly and easily. I'll talk about that, and other tips on using Copy-In-A-Box later.


Now I'd like to talk about why having a swipe file of copywriting ideas is important, and how it improves your work.


Once I listened to a Gary Halbert's seminar. Gary Halbert is probably the best copywriting teacher of all times. He teaches copywriters to use a swipe file. Here, for example, what he says about writing headlines:


He teaches to write the great headlines on 3 by 5 inches index cards, and then...


“This is really gonna sound strange... but this is what I do. You should take all these cards and shuffle them like a deck of cards. Shuffle them over and over. And then you should sit there with this deck of cards at the table, and just start reading them and tossing them out...


Now, here's what we're looking for. Let us suppose that you deal in diamonds. The idea is not for you to copy these headlines. The idea is to be inspired by these headlines.


You're going through your card, and it says “Tova Borgnine Swears Under Oath That Her New Perfume Does Not Contain An Illegal Sexual Stimulant!”


You go: bingo!


And what happens is then you write down: “Local Jeweler Swears Under Oath He Did Not Steal All Those Diamonds He Sells So Cheaply!”


What you have done is you have transmuted that headline idea to your own situation.”


And this is what Copy-In-A-Box enables you to do. It enables you to transmute headline and power word ideas to your own situation in a fast and convenient way. http://www.CopyInABox.com


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