American Slang Part 2

This is part 2 of the article about the use of American slang in sales writing...

So the single most important reason why slang makes your copy effective is because it enables you to encode some shared experience or common outlook to speech.

But it's important to use slang appropriate for your target market, because it serves as a shared code for your niche. For example, among wine connoisseurs, Cabernet Sauvignon is known as "Cab Sav", Chardonnay as "Chard" and so on. This makes the names of wines shorter, and thus easier to talk about. So these short names serve as shortcuts. But, most importantly, they also serve as shared codes among connoisseurs.

I hope you get the idea.

One note here. Just like with power words, interjections/exclamations and everything else, you should remember not to overuse slang. Because, among other things, this will make you look like a person with a lower social status.

OK But what other powers are hidden in the use of slang in sales writing?

Slang makes writing more conversational. Or, I would say, it keeps your writing conversational. Together with the use of interjections/exclamations, and with an overall conversational style of the copy, slang perfectly fits within the whole picture of the conversational sales message that has proven to be so powerful and effective.

Slang is picturesque. It makes your writing picturesque. And this is important, too, because picturesque writing is easy to understand. And easy to understand means easy to sell.

Slang is brief and concise. Sometimes, with just one word or a short phrase you can express much more than with a whole page of text. There is a good old saying, though, “The more you tell, the more you sell”. So you don't want to make your sales letter brief, or too short. But the beautify of slang lies in that sometimes it enables you to express a strong point in your copy briefly, and the emotional impact on the reader is going to be greater than if you would spend several paragraphs on that.

OK, but what's the best place to find powerful slang words and phrases?

Copy-In-A-Box contains an extensive dictionary of slang. It enables you to quickly locate appropriate slang words and phrases by their definition, and insert them automatically in your sales message.

Here are some examples from the Copy-In-A-Box dictionary of slang (I scrolled through it this morning).

AKA – also known as
Back seat driver – someone who give unwanted advice
Gibberish – nonsensical words and phrases
Gumshoe – private detective
High roller – earns and spends a lot of money or gambles a lot of money
Jerk someone around – wasting time and causing trouble
Know it all – self proclaimed expert on everything

These are just a few random examples that I picked up for you to illustrate the dictionary of slang in Copy-In-A-Box.
Take a look here Copy-In-A-Box

OK, I hope it's been helpful. I wish you a successful promotional campaign, and a good response to your sales writing.

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